Motion Casting

We find both real people and traditional actors that have the power to bring the essence of a moment to life, connecting your audience to products, causes and experiences.

Content Casting

We search for talent that understands the nature of short form digital content, while offering a level of versatility that empowers an easy transition to longer form opportunities.


We locate the perfect hand, body and speciality models and actors for niche industries, stills, ads and a variety of content formats.

Stills Casting

Sourcing the right person is an art.

MiLO has one the largest databases of real people in the industry, empowering our team to find the perfect person to tell your brand story.

Facial Motion

An expertise in sourcing actor look alikes and special characters gives us access to the rarest of the real as we bring even the most transformative experience to life.

MiLO is Rebellious

Goes where others have never, or been afraid to have gone before.

Milo is Progressive

Ahead of the curve before it’s bent

Evolutionary to the core.

Milo is confident

Without an airbrush, filter or make-up.

Milo is unbiased

Believes in diversity from every corner of the globe

That all humans are created equal, natural flaws and all.

Milo is youthful

Embodies a childlike curiosity in everyday things

With unbridled enthusiasm and bright eyed glee.

Milo is raw

Real moments Truth in everyday storytelling

Flawless authenticity in everything we do.

Milo is smart

With fearless leadership and collaboration, Milo possibles the impossible,

Finds the unfindable. Searches the unsearchable

Milo is the stories we tell.